• The Magic Pudding
  • Author : Norman Lindsay
  • Publisher : Angus & Robertson
  • Publication Date : 1918
  • Genre : Childrens novel, Picaresque novel
  • Pages : 171
  • First Edition : Yes
  • Binding : Finely bound by the Chelsea Bindery
  • Dustwrapper : No
  • Comments : Australian classic, pictures are an endless delight to look at even if not reading the story line. Paper quality used in this first edition is so good, feels like it could have been printed today. Beautifully bound by the Chelsea Bindery
  • Summary : The Magic Pudding is the quintessential Australian children's classic for children and adults alike. Illustrated by Norman Lindsay, The Magic Pudding is a humorous and fantastical tale set in Australia. Albert, the magic pudding, can be eaten again and again and will always reform into a new pudding, ready to be eaten again. His three companions must protect him from the pudding thieves who want to steal him for themselves.

1918 First Edition with plain endpapers 

1924 Edition

1935 Edition

1936 First Edition (USA) with publisher marketing

1938 Edition

1947 Edition

1968 Bicentenial Edition (2000 copies)